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Did you know that according to the researches of the real estate market, it is possible to reach 61% more views with high quality real estate photos in an advertisement. If this is how interior photography affects the real estate market, can you imagine how important role it can play when choosing a hotel?

According to researches by Tripadvisor and Comscore, the purchasing process of a hotel guest (booking a room) consists of three stages:

  • The first phase is the inspiration phase when the potential customer get to know all the possibilities. At this point, they may not even have a clear idea of exactly what they are looking for. This is the brainstorming, the phase of impressions.

  • In the second phase, the choices are narrowed down and a few specific locations are selected. If they do not get enough visual information at this point, they move on and look for another options.

  • Finally, the final decision is made and the reservation is made.

According to research, well-composed, conscious and high quality hotel photos are essential in the first two phases.

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Requesting a quote on hotel photography

If you already know that you need professional interior photos but the details are not outlined yet, we recommend that you consider the following points and include the main points of your ideas in your inquiry. This will save you time by avoiding follow-up questions, so we can send you a quicker and more accurate quote. Below you can find a few points to consider when thinking of a hotel photography shoot.

What is the purpose of the pictures?

It is important to determine at the preparation stage what the purpose of the pictures will be, where you will use them, what you want to communicate with the photos. Of course, the result can serve several purposes at the same time, but it is important to think about whether you would like to include in the photoshoot the available services, the surroundings, whether you would like to take photos with models and conducting a lifestyle photo shoot or you only want to have some high quality interior photos.

The goal may be to showcase the new interior after a renovation, or to take photos to the website and booking sites, to highlight and introduce your new services, or to feature the restaurant and food services, conference rooms, or other venues.

Another important aspect is the platform on which the images will be published because you need slightly different photos on social networking sites than on booking sites or on the hotel website. It is worth thinking about what promotionsy you are planning in the next months, what kind of pictures you will need, as we can prepare them in advance

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Which parts of the hotel would you like to include in the photoshoot?

It's important to have a shot list of "must have" images, which includes the places and services you need a photo of. It's worth thinking about which types of room should you include in the photoshoot and whether you need photos of the reception, the lobby area or the bar, restaurant. If there are spa services like massage or different treatmens, or any special indoor or outdoor activities, it's good to have them on your shot list as well. An important question is whether you would like to have exterior photos or include the hotel garden and the neighbouring area.

It's necessary to decide how much attention you'd like to pay to the restaurant. One option is to have some enterior photos of it only, or you may have some lifestyle photos as well with models showing the restaurant services. If you have a conference room or event venues, it's important not to forget about them and demonstrate them with the possible decorations as well.

Thinking about the above mentioned questions are essential in order to choose a suitable date of the hotel photo shoot and to arrange a proper schedule to follow when shooting.

Are you planning a hotel lifestyle photo shoot as well?

By creating the desired mood with the photos which motivate guests to visit the hotel can be a great help if we employ models as well as this will make the experience more realistic and imaginable. Model lifestyle photography is particularly useful when presenting wellness and spa services, massages or other treatments. It’s also effective when photographing bars or restaurants, as it is much more attractive when we see a couple in a pleasant atmosphere who are having a good time, than a picture of an empty room.

It is also worth considering whether we would like to shoot in the different room types to represent the target audience. This can be impressive if you want to sell a particular room type or package to a specific audience, such as family rooms or pet-friendly rooms. For example, when promoting packages for couples, pictures can be very persuasive with models imitating a happy couple either in the room or in the wellness area as they create the feeling of a romantic weekend.

If you opt for working with models, it’s an important question whether you will responsible for casting and hiring them or you will ask our studios’ help in it.

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What about food photography?

One option is to take several pictures of the buffet as a whole (if you have buffet service), or the other option is to take some pictures of having lunch or dinner at a table with models. These options can be eligible if you don't want to highlight the food and the restaurant, just present it as one of the services provided by the hotel.

If you'd like to put more emphasis on the restaurant and the food or if you need professional food photos for the menu card, we suggest that you also ask a food photography session. You can read more about food photography by choosing the 'Food' option above or click below.

Food photography

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When do you plan to realize the photo shoot?

If it's possible, please include several potential dates when you write for asking a quote. If you don't have any dates yet, the month or week can be useful as well, which can be narrowed further later. If it’s possible, it’s better to schedule your photoshoot off-season. When choosing a date, it's worth keeping in mind that the environment for outdoor photography should be appropriate (usually from spring to autumn). Another aspect to remember when scheduling dates is that it’s useful to have a representative on your behalf, who is present at the photoshoot, to check if the shooting follows your exact expectation. Also, when photographing a conference room or an event venue, it’s important not having an event on the dates of the photoshoot. Furthermore, food photography session requires the constant availability of a chef.

If you have any more questions or you'd like to reqest a quote either on hotel interior photography or food photography, don't hesitate to contact us.

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